Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Fastest run ever on the Oakwood Valley Trail. I ran the loop three times in 8:50; 8:26: 8:31. My legs felt good. It was a big surprise how fast I ran this course. I have never thought I d be running this course under 26 minutes. (25:47)

Off. Bike ride

Off. Short bike ride.

I ran from the Oakwood Valley Trail to Ten beach, then I ran up to the right along the steep cliff until it meets Coastal trail. Then all the way down to the Ten fired rd and back to the starting point. Good run. Approximately 45 minutes. Short bike ride.

Short run on the bike path. I started by the soccer fields and run to the bike shop and back. Easy and controlled. My legs were feeling good. 30 minutes. Bike ride and weights.

Bike ride.  Lots pull ups and push ups.

Same route as Tuesday. My legs were feeling a little tired. Foggy day. 44 minutes.

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