Tuesday, June 4, 2013


From OVT to Alta trail before the rain started.

Short run on the bike path.I started by the laundry mat and ran right on the bike path,  turned around by the bike shop and ran all the way to the other end. I stopped to do a few pull ups and finished my run by the starting point. 34 minutes.

Off. Bike ride and pull ups.

Hard run on the Oakwood Valley Trail. I started by the OVT gate and ran up to the Alta Trail, to Bobcat trail, to Miwok Trail, down Old Springs Trail, and back to the starting point. Best time on the this loop, 40 minutes. Light rain during most of my run. Foggy.

Off. I rode my bike to the bike path this afternoon to do a few pull ups. No gas in the tank for my daily run.

I ran the same route as on Monday but on reverse. I was not expecting to run so well. It was my best time on this route. Finally I was able to run under 40 minutes, 39:28. My legs felt great.

Easy short run on the Oakwood Valley trail. I just did an easy jog to keep my endurance. Three times the loop was enough. 30 minutes run.

Day off. Bike ride and pull ups.

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