Monday, June 17, 2013




Hard hilly run. I started by the OV trail and ran up Coyote trail. Nice steep climb. From there I turned left on  Coastal trail  and ran down to the Ten Rd, passed the parking lot and  headed back to the starting point. Tired legs. 36 minutes.

This was a weird run by the soccer fields. The fire department was doing some drills and even the police showed up to rescue a woman that fell in the marsh. I tried to stay focus and ran nine times a cross country style loop. By the last repetition, a police officer had enough and politely asked me to know run near to the accident scene.  29:30. Short bike ride plus pull ups.

Finally I did one hour run. Well, it was more by chance. I started my run by the Ten parking lot and from there, after I made a wrong turn and ended up in the camping area, wasted more than ten minutes, I found my way up Coastal trail all the way along the coast. No really all the way, almost. I made a right turn by the big rock and headed back up on the fired road. This run became a long loop by accident. Another wrong turn on Coyote Fire Road took me down to this steep long street, half mile away from the Oakwood  Valley trail. After I passed OV trail I headed back to the starting point or Ten parking lot. My legs felt great. One hour and 11 minutes. Weights for the upper body and short bike ride.

Off. Weights, bike ride and pull ups.

Short run on the bike path, the usual out and back route. I started by the local track and finished by the laundry mat. I stopped to do a few pull ups. My legs felt good. I was feeling a little bulked to run. Lifting too much weights. Weights for the upper body. 36 minutes.

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