Thursday, May 23, 2013



Off. Bike ride and pull ups.

Nice hilly run. My legs felt great. I ran from Oakwood Valley trail gate up to Alta, to Miwok and down Old Springs. I passed the Parking lot and took the narrow trail to the left and finished by the Oakwood Valley trail. I did not time this run but it was a fast effort. Short bike ride.

Off. Very tired. Long working day.

Same course as Monday but on reverse. I was feeling tired before this run but I decided to test my legs.The hardest part is the section after the 1.3 miles Old Spring trail. Just after you get off Old Spring, there is a nice climb, a very steep half mile hill. It was brutal but I managed to climb it well and even passed a cyclist almost on top of the hill. Fastest time so far in this route, 40:50.

Back to the bike path. I created my usual 3:50 average loop around this grass field. I did the loop ten times. The fastest was 3:40 and slowest, 3:50. I did a few pull ups and finish my run by the Starbucks. 37 minutes.

Nice run from the Oakwood Valley trail to the Ten Beach and back. My legs felt good after a  long working day. I am having a very sore right shoulder for some unknown reason. But it did not disturb my run. I rode my bike to the Oakwood Valley trail. 34 minutes and 45 seconds.

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