Sunday, April 14, 2013


I had a very short week, not much to say. Dead legs, long working hours. Lots stress. Not a good combination.

Bike ride.

Easy run around the soccer fields. I added a few short hills. My legs were very tired. I rode my bike to the bike path. I did a few pull ups.

Off. Bike ride and upper body weights.

Short run on the bike path followed by pull ups and upper body weights. I felt tired and heavy.

Off. Bike ride plus weights for the upper body.

My goal was to do a tempo run on tired legs but it did not work out. I covered the first 1.44 miles in 8:20. My legs were feeling dead and warm weather did not help me either. So I decided to back off and do some pick ups for the rest of the run.(1:45; 1:00; :45 secs) I covered the entire course in 29:46.

I ran from home to the bike path taking the hilly route by the high school. I was feeling a little tired but surprisingly I was able to run well and finished strong. Warm weather. 54:24.

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