Saturday, April 6, 2013


Two short bike rides and upper body weights.

Good run from home to the bike path and back. My legs were feeling heavy and tired but I was able to maintain a good pace. My lack of endurance is becoming evident after 30 minutes into a run. I should be running more 6-10 miles runs.

I created a loop behind the soccer fields. Nice cross country style loop with some inclines. After a 15 minutes warm up I ran 6 x 30+ seconds up an incline, jogging back to the start. Then I ran for a few minutes easy and run 3 x 60 seconds including the distance of 30+ seconds reps plus another steep incline, and then jogging back down to the start. It was a non stop run of 47 minutes. Short bike ride plus upper body weights.

Nice loop behind the soccer fields. Some very steep hills. My legs felt a little tired. Short bike ride plus pull ups after the run.


Similar location as Monday. At this time I created a longer loop and ran it four times plus and short loop around the soccer fields. My calves were a little sore and tight. I need to stretch more. 32 minutes.

I run from home to the bike path and back. Tired legs. After forty minutes I stopped to do a few pull ups. My legs were tight. But I was to finish my run without any problems. 52 minutes. Short bike ride in the afternoon.

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