Sunday, April 21, 2013


Day off. Bike ride plus weights for the upper body.

Back to the Mt Burdell area. Nice run from the gate, to the right on the rolling hills until I reached the long steep hill to the top. After a long climb I made right on the paved fire road to the gate, turned around and started my way back going down this steep loose rock terrain. My legs felt great going down hill. 49:09.

Weights for the upper body.

I ran the usual bike path route. I added .30 miles to complete the five miles distance. My legs felt good. Hot weather. I covered the five miles course in 31:11 at 6:14 pace.

Long working day.

Another short run around the soccer fields and townhouses. My legs were feeling dead. I added some nice hills for diversity. 31:16.

Off. Bike ride and upper body weights.

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