Monday, March 4, 2013


Very short week. Just trying to keep some fitness going.


Back to the Rush Creek Area. I decided to do a tempo run from the Bahia Gate to the Rush Creek Gate and back. It is a nice cross country style course with some good rolling hills in the first fifteen minutes and becomes flat for the next fifteen minutes. I started hard and covered the the first quarter in 14:30. I did not expect to run this hard, specially going up and down these short steep hills. When I reached the Cemetery Marsh, I was feeling the pace. This second quarter is completely exposed with lots grasses. My legs started to feel heavy and my breathing was becoming difficult. I reached the turned around point by the Rush Creek Gate in 14:45. Since my goal was run the course under sixty minutes, I was feeling optimist. The third quarter  was very difficult because the weather became warmer and the traffic in the trail increased with horses, bikes and people. But no excuses, my legs  were feeling heavy and tired. I ran this section in 15:16. The last section is the rolling hills, or the first quarter. I was feeling tired and the traffic was getting worse, being difficult to pass all the horses and walkers. I managed to run this section in 15:15, slower by 45 seconds. Glad it was overs and I passed the Bahia Gate in 59:51.

Long working day.

Speed session on the bike path. After a short warm up I did 6 x 90+ secs with 90 secs easy jog in between. Nice speed session. I ran all the reps in 1:34 except the fourth rep, 1:37. My legs felt great. 40 minutes.

Day off. Long working day. Upper body weights.

Easy run on the bike path after work. Great weather. Short bike ride.

Another day off.

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