Friday, March 22, 2013


No race on Sunday. So I decided to do a hard effort uphill on the trails. I started my run by the Oakwood Valley Trail gate. The first five minutes is almost flat. After that easy section, the climb starts, very steep hills with sets of steps. I reached the top in 11:54. From Alta Fire Road I made right in direction to the intersection of Bobcat Fire Road. I reached the top in 16:00. From there  I ran up to the intersection of Bobcat and Marincello Fire Road. This section is mostly rolling hills. I reached the intersection of Bobcat and Marincello in 21:26. Bobcat becomes Miwok Fire Road. There is a short section of a nasty hill that takes me to the other side, down a very steep hill. To the right it is where I exit and enter Old Spring Trail. I reached Old Spring in 28:17. From there I put the hammer down going on direction to the Ten Parking lot. Old Spring is about 1.3 miles long. I passed the parking lot in 36:17. From there I basically started a sprint down the trail that runs parallel to the main road in direction to the Oakwood trail gate. I covered this section in 4:26. It is about a 3/4 mile long  narrow  trail. I finished a few feet from where I started in 40:41, the fastest time on this course.

Another good run on the bike path. My allergies were causing me some problems, runny nose. I ran a little faster that I should. For some reason I felt the need to do some pick ups in the middle of my run. This course is as flat as you can get. But sometimes you get some nasty wind from the Bay that makes you run a little uncomfortable. That was exactly what  happened during this run. But no complains. I was able to cover the course in 30:26. A good pace for the 4.7 miles course.

The same course as yesterday but a little faster. I thought I was feeling tired and tight after a long working day. But  when I hit the turnaround mark by the bike shop in 9:17, I was surprised at how fast I was running. Heading back to the middle section I was running even faster and hit the half way mark in 8:53. Then I decided to easy up a little, running to the other end. I hit the turnaround mark in 5:54. Then the last section   I decided to run faster, finishing by the middle way in 5:39. Total time was 29:45.


Easy short run around the soccer fields.Even after a day off I was feeling tired. I created a cross country style loop around the soccer fields. After twenty minutes of running I did some short sprints, switching between sprinting and bouncing. My legs felt good. I rode my bike to the soccer fields.

Off. Short bike ride.

After a few days of short runs I decided to go for some extra minutes. My daily runs have been very short fro the last couple weeks. This morning I felt the lack of endurance and time on my legs. I was feeling tight and heavy. Not that I ran slow, but for most part of the my run it was a near hard effort for an easy run. I ran from home to the bike path out and back. I felt great going up the 3/4 miles hill after five minutes from my home. On the bike path I ran at a good effort for half way and easy for the rest. 53 minutes and 12 seconds.                                    

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