Sunday, March 31, 2013


My left knee was not feeling well. So I decided to have an easy day. I chose the soccer field to do an easy run. The soft surface would put less stress on my feet and legs. I ran around the soccer field twenty two times. Good easy aerobic work. Bike ride plus weights for the upper body. Pull ups before the run.

Another easy day. Similar run as yesterday but around two soccer fields  and up a short incline, turn around by the rock bench. I ran the cross country style loop seven times. My legs felt light and strong. I started and finished with a few pull ups. Bike ride.

Easy run on the bike path, out and back. My legs were feeling good after a long hard working day.


Off. Tight left ITB.

Easy run on the bike path. My left knee is a little sore. After all the bouncing that I did in the last few days I would expect to feel a little tight or sore. My shins seem to be causing the knee problem as my ITB. So after a couple days off I decided to test my knee and I felt OK. 32: 22.

I created a cross country style loop, including some short inclines and a steep set of steps. My goal was to run the loop three times or 3 x 4 minutes hard with 3 minutes easy of jogging. I did all reps around 4:12. It felt  hard. My legs were feeling tired. But I was very happy with the result. 35 minutes.

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