Sunday, March 17, 2013


Tempo run on the bike path. 16:51 for the 2.88 miles. I was planning to do a long tempo run but my legs were not feeling rested. So I changed my mind and run hard only to half way, jogging the last 12 minutes. I started a little too fast in 8:24, and the second part in 8:27. My goal was to run under 17 minutes so I was pleased with the speed session.


After a day off, my legs felt a little more rested. I had the usual nap in the afternoon after work. My short bike ride before my runs are used as a warm up. When I get to the start of my runs, I am ready to go. This time I ran the usual bike path out and back at a good pace, not too fast. My legs felt good. A cold breeze was slowing my down.

I rode my bike to the local track from where I started my run. After a long working day I was feeling a little tired and not even a nap made me feel better. I was able to maintain a good pace. No watch at this time. Good thing I did try to beat my previous time. To loose up I finished with a few strides, fast strides. It revived my legs.

Another day off. Very tired.

Good run on the bike path. Where else? I started at a comfortable pace. By the turnaround point, I was feeling good and increased the pace for the second section.  My legs were a little tight but I was able to hold the pace to the finish. I covered the 4.7 miles course in 30:50. Good pace of an easy run.

Off. Very tired from working until late.


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