Monday, February 11, 2013


Another short running week. Too many things are happening at the same time. Add the usual stress of daily life and running becomes a secondary activity sometimes. All the doping cases keep popping up everywhere. The hard work mantra is not there anymore. Greed and personal satisfaction have become the main goal.

Very tired.

I had a very long working day. Tired.

I ran the usual bike path route from home. From half way to the bike shop in 8:36. Then I ran easy for five minutes and increased the pace for the next 3/4 plus miles, 3:57. I was feeling exhausted. 41 minutes and 20 seconds.


From home to the bike path, out and back. Nice run. I covered the 2.88 miles in 18:45 and ran easy the rest of the course. 47 minutes and 57 seconds.

Short run on the bike path. From half way to the bike shop and back. I was feeling tired. Better back off for better days. 19 minutes and 47 seconds.

Another day off.

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