Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well, back to my daily rants about a few days of jogging. Not much running to report. Hard working days! And accidents. The accidents or injuries will be report in my next post. For now another short week that has become quite normal.

Good run late in the day. The usual bike path route out and back. I added a few minutes to finish by the laundry mat. 36 minutes and 47 seconds.


I rode my bike down to the bike path. From midway out to the bike shop and back. After ten minutes I ran one mile in 5:45 followed by another ten minutes easy and a 5:45 mile with a short cool down. Nice cool weather. My legs felt light and comfortable. 36 minutes and 16 seconds.

Off. Upper body weights. Very tired.

Nice tempo run on the bike path. I covered the 4.7 miles course in 29:29. Not fast, but good enough to test my endurance.

Easy short run around the soccer fields and townhouses. After yesterday's run I decided to back off.

Off. Long working day.

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