Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I am trying to find a new way to train. As you get old things change and recovery becomes a big issue. Also the type of work you do. At this time I am trying a long week followed by a short week with a few days off. I will add a few bike rides and weights and see how my body will respond.


Nice run on the Indian valley area. Lots hills. My legs felt  great. 40 minutes and 17 seconds.

Off. Bike ride.

Back to China Camp. Hilly loop. Cold weather. Hills and more hills. One hour and 21 minutes.

Off. Bike and upper body weights.

Good run on the bike path. My legs felt great. First time in awhile that I ran the full course under 30 minutes. 29 minutes and 57 seconds. Short bike ride.

Three times the Oakwood Valley Trail loop.(9:36; 9:17; 8:59) I started by the gate and slowly increased the pace. I felt really good.  Short bike ride.

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