Sunday, January 13, 2013


Day off. A couple bike rides.

Nice run from the local track to Ten Valley. I ran up Old Springs, lots hills. My legs were a little beat up from my bike ride. I came down Marincello FR, added a few minutes on the bike path and ran back home. One hour and 25 minutes.

I ran from home to the bike path, out to the bike shop, and turned around. Back home using the same route. Nice pace. My legs felt strong. I ran after a short bike ride. 36 minutes and 19 seconds.

Same route as yesterday. I ran after work. My legs were very tired but I found energy to run. I pick up the pace for 3/4 miles on the bike path. 36 minutes and 22 seconds

Day off. Bike ride.

Same route as yesterday a little slower. 38 minutes and 19 seconds.

Off. Very cold day.

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