Sunday, January 20, 2013


Another short easy day. It has been very cold for the last few days. I ran once a loop that I created  around the soccer fields and townhouses, adding another short loop around the soccer fields and some jumps over a bench. 30 minutes and 22 seconds.

Off. Bike ride plus upper body weights.

Good run on the Sorich Park Area. I started with a nice climb. Hard to run on a 80% slope. My legs were very pumped from all the hills. Sunny day with blue skies but cold weather. 33 minutes. Bike ride.

Off. Bike ride.

Nice run from home to the Jewpsia highest point and back home using the same route. Hills and more steep hills. One hour and 28 minutes.

Easy run on the bike path. I started by the market and run out and back on the bike path. Headed back home on the usual route. 42 minutes.

Thirty minutes of easy run with 6 x 90 secs set of steps. My legs felt great. 

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