Friday, December 28, 2012


Back, back from the almost dead. After a couples weeks of very low mileage, I finally got a decent running week. Happy to get a fifty plus miles week. Seven days of running without any days off averaging  seven plus miles a day.

I lost my mind or head.
From home to Ten Beach and back. One hour and 18 Minutes. Rainy day.

Another run from home on the bike path out and back. Rainy day. 54 minutes.

Nice run. Good pace. Muddy bike path after the rain. Short route from home to the bike path and back.  48 minutes and 33 seconds.

Heavy rain from start to end. Similar route as yesterday. After thirty minutes my arms started to get very cold. I managed to survive the cold. 51 minutes and 15 seconds.

My legs were feeling a little tight but somehow I found enough energy to do my daily run. Similar route to yesterday but a little longer. I took the hilly route for the first ten minutes. Then I ran the bike path route out and back. 54 minutes and 17 seconds.

Short day. I ran after my bike ride. Cold weather. Same old bike path course, out and back plus three times the around the soccer fields. 42 minutes.

Cold day. Same route as Tuesday. Nice run. My legs are feeling good. 50 minutes and 14 seconds.

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