Monday, November 12, 2012


This was a very poor week. Not much running, some cycling and weight lifting. I had a tough working week. The rain and cold weather are back as some signs of the old injuries. Well, I don't think anybody likes to hear about injuries. 
I am very disappointed with sports. All the doping cases in the last few years really took my motivation away. The media always like to sell this image of hard work and dedication. But in reality things are very different. As you  get old you become a little more wise. 
What makes me upset is this idea of clean sports. This idea sold to the young that you have to work hard and you will eventually active your goals. It is so far from the truth. 
I used to admire some athletes and they  were like my role models. These days I can't trust anyone anymore. That is the reason why I never mention any athletes in my blog or try to promote anyone. I am not selfish or trying to be self focused in my running, that is not more than a hobby.       

Day off.

Short run on the bike path, out and back finishing by the laundry mat. My legs are very tight. More stretch to loose up.

Day off. Short bike ride and upper body weights. Tight hams.

Bike ride.

Easy run on the Oakwood Valley Trial loop. I ran three times the OWV loop. Cold weather.

Day off.

Short hilly run from home to Hawk hill. My legs felt good. Very cold weather.

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