Monday, November 5, 2012


Another short week. My work took priority over my daily running. More day offs than I expected. Clear signs of tight hamstrings and calves. Not a good week but I was able to do a minimum of four days of running. Hope things get better next week.

Relatives? Maybe? Random more like.
Day off. Upper body weights and a short bike ride. My hams were a little tight. Some signs of plantar fasciitis.

I rode my bike down to the soccer fields where I ran four times around the soccer fields. It is approximately an eight minutes loop. Plantar fasciitis became very painful again. Definitely related to the weight lifting. Nice run and no pain during the run. Great cool weather.

Day off.

Easy run on the China camp, out and back. A few short hills. My legs were feeling a little tight and tired. Hope to recover soon. Short bike ride.

Day off.

I ran five times the China Camp loop.The second and fourth loop were at a fast pace. Even that my legs were tired, I was able to run under four times. Good run.

Short run on the bike path. I ran from half way to the bike shop end and turned around, adding a few minutes on the road. Tight legs.

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