Friday, October 19, 2012


I left home around 4:30 PM in direction to the bike path, choosing the long steep climb of 3/4 miles that ends by the local high school. From there I crossed the street and made right on the bike path. I ran to its end by the bike shop and turned around, passing the starting point and running all the way to the other end by the local nursery and back to the start point where I got off the bike path and ran back taking the same route. I ran a little faster than I should but my legs felt strong. Total run time: 54 minutes and 16 seconds.

day off.

Good run on the China Camp area. Same 3/4 miles loop as last week. I ran seven times the loop around 2PM. This loop might be short than 3/4 miles, more like 0.70 miles. Hot weather. I was feeling tired after work. Short bike ride. Total run time: 29 minutes and 16 seconds.

I ran late in the evening after a short bike ride. It was complete darkness when I started doing my laps around this soccer field. Nice soft grass surface. My watch battery went dead. I could not see a thing in the dark, but I did not have any accidents. Maybe I ran around fifteen laps. I lost my sense of time or laps. I was just trying to avoid falling on my arse.

Day off.

Hard run on the hot weather. I ran six times the Oakwood Valley trail loop. My run started around 12:30PM. The weather started to become uncomfortable around 1PM. By the fifth loop my legs started to feel a little trashed. I managed to finish my run strong. I added a few minutes on the road as a cool down. 

Easy short run for half way on the bike path. Fast pace. I was not feeling well during the day so I decided to do my run around 6PM. Short bike ride.

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