Friday, October 26, 2012


Day off. Short bike ride.

Nice hilly run from Oakwood Valley trail, up to Miwok trail and back down through Old Springs trail to finish the loop. My legs were feeling tired before the run but I managed well the steep hills.

I ran three times the Oakwood Valley trail loop. The weather was perfect after an night and morning rain. Nice and cool. I started slow and gradually increased the pace.

My run was seven times the China Camp loop. I started slowly and gradually increased the pace. By the last loop I was almost speeding. 

Day off. Short bike ride and upper body weights.

I ran from home to the Ten beach and back. Some good hills. My legs felt good. Nice cool weather after a morning rain. Total run time: approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Short bike ride and upper body weights.

Nice run after a hard working day. I ran five times the China Camp loop at a fast tempo pace. I felt good. I was planning to run the loop seven times but I started to have some stomach problems. To finish my run I ran ten times this short steep hill, walking down in between repetitions.

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