Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hard to describe the unpredictable. All seem to be going well and then something unexpected happens. You are never fully  prepared for this kind of situation. If the plantar fasciitis and the heel inflammation was not enough, things got a little worse. 

Easy run on the bike path out and back. My legs felt good. Hot weather. I finished by the laundry mat. Total run time: 35 minutes.

I ran three times a loop around the soccer fields, x-country type. My legs felt strong running up the hills.

Day off. Long working day.

Day off. Long working day.

Things got really ugly. I was planing to do a short run on the bike path. My legs were a little tired. The weather became cold and windy. I started my run as the usual, halfway on the bike path. I ran for a couple minutes and then all the sudden my low back started to spasm. I had to stop because it was so painful. The only thing I could do was to walk back slowly, stopping a few times. The right side of my low back was causing me some serious problems. I could not even stretch it. what might have happened is that I missed a step when walking down this long set of steps in my job site. I remembered feeling a pull, but it did not look like anything serious. So I just ignored it and went back to work. The cold weather might have aggravated the injury.

Day off. Light stretches. I could barely walk without pain.

I was feeling better. Stretching and heating the injured area seem to be working.

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A13 said...

HI HBM, Hope you get better soon :)
nothing worse than a sore back :(
Cheers A

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