Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had another week without any running, except for a ten minutes run on Sunday. Plantar fasciitis is getting better. I mean some days there is no pain, but others it comes back with a vengeance.

My upper body is getting strong as my quadriceps. I have been doing lots pull ups and riding my bike. Well, I had a couple days off this week. No run, no cycling, no weights. Good enough to rest.

Sunday morning I did a nice walk and was able to take some pictures. You can see that nice little rattle snake, a juvenile but with an attitude. Eventually, if she survives,  she will get bigger, and powerful. But by now she will have to deal with the predators in the area. All the birds: egrets, scrub jays, stilts, American avocets, owls, hawks and so on.

I finished my Sunday with a short bike ride. My legs were trashes. Work is becoming a high priority at moment. I hope to be back running soon.

As the Olympics is over, and the world goes back to its normal madness, changes are happening everywhere, but in reality all still the same. What a contradiction! Just try to make sense...

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