Saturday, August 4, 2012


I am not sure if I should even bother to write a post about an entire week of no running. Well, why bother? It might make me feel better. My plantar fasciitis is really an annoyance. The inflammation is not going away. Very painful early morning. I have been trying a few different remedies. Alternating heat with massage and ice seems to do the trick sometimes. 
Cross training is something that can lead to injuries too. Sometimes I ride my bike like a mad man . Climbing some hills close to twenty miles per hour. Add the upper body weights and pull ups, I guess I am doing alright.

Day off.

Day off. Two short bike rides and pull ups.

Short bike ride and pull ups.

Short bike ride.

Upper body weights.

Short bike ride.

Bike ride.

The one hand  pull up is my favorite exercise at moment. My way of doing it is very simple: grab the bar with one hand like you were going to do your pull ups as usual. Then with your free hand, grab very tight the wrist of your hand that is holding the bar, and lift your body up until your chin passes the top of the bar. Do as many as you can. Or for starters, one will be enough.

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