Saturday, July 21, 2012


My injury is not getting better but I managed to do a minimum of easy runs during this past week. Maybe I should be happy that at least I can be out there and do my runs.  I have not planned any races for the near future. But I might do some fun run to test my fitness.

Very easy run on the bike path, out and back. I am trying to back off on my running. Hope to get this injury under control. Very sore feet. I can barely walk without pain.

No long run. I ran the same route as Saturday but at a faster pace. My legs felt better. No pain during my run. Total run time: 30 minutes and 24 seconds.

Very short run to keep some endurance on the Overhill trail. My legs felt good. I did not feel much pain during my run. I finished with a few easy strides.

Another very short run. Same route as Monday. The plantar fasciitis did not bother me.

A good run without pain. I ran three times the Oakwood Valley trail loop.(9:57; 9:20; 9:00) My legs felt great. My problems is not speed, but endurance for now. Total run time: 28 minutes and 17 seconds.

Good day. I started by the local track and run to the Oakwood Valley trail. I did twice the Oakwood Valley trail loop and finish my run by the laundry mat.  My feet felt OK. Total run time:  37 minutes and 35 seconds.

Very hot day. I ran from the local track to the soccer fields. My feet were feeling OK. I ran a few loops around the soccer fields and stopped every 6-10 minutes to do a few pull ups. Total run time: 37 minutes and 30 seconds.

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