Friday, July 27, 2012


My injury is not showing any signs of improvement but it is not getting worse. I ran five days out of seven. Easy runs of thirty minutes. My base training for the fall is not going too well. The cross country season will start next month.

Day off.

Back to the IV trail. Short beautiful rolling hills. Very hot day. But the trees provided a nice shade. I had not run  on this trail for a long time. Total run time: 39 minutes and 21 seconds.

Finally I am back on my bike. I did a few short bike rides and a four miles plus on the local track. My left foot is very painful. Total run time: 28 minutes and 9 seconds.

I rode my bike to the local track where I started my run. The usual bike path out and back route. My legs felt good. Total run time: 31 minutes and 30 seconds.

Day off.

Easy run on the bike path. It was the usual out and back route finishing by the laundry mat. Total run time: 36 minutes.

I rode my bike to the bike path. Windy day. I decided to back off and just do a few laps around the soccer field. It was over twenty laps. Pull ups. Total run time: 33 minutes and 30 seconds.

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