Friday, June 1, 2012


This was a very short week. I am trying to recover from my bike accident. My legs need some rest. Hope to increase my mileage soon. I decided to scratch my plans to run the Triple Crown races because of how the first race turned out. The motivation is not there anymore.

Easy run around the soccer fields. For loop of 7:30 I would do a few pull ups. I started with 5 and built to eight. My goal was ten but my arms could not handle the effort. It went like this 7:20 loop; 5-6-7-8-8-5 pull ups. My pull ups are done very slow and with my arms and legs fulled stretched, military style without cheating. Total run time: 56 minutes and 41 seconds.

I ran on the my local track, five plus miles on lane three in 34 minutes. My legs were feeling very tired. I finished with a 67 seconds 400 meters.

Day off.

Easy on the Overhill trail. I did a long loop including a few steep hills. My legs felt really good. Total run time: 30 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another easy run on the bike path. I ran 1.44 miles in 8:05 to see how my legs were feeling. Very windy. I was feeling a little heavy and tired. Total run time: 31 minutes and 8 seconds.

Warm weather. I ran the usual bike path route, out and back. My legs felt really good. Windy, but with a cool breezy. Total run time: 30 minutes and 17 seconds for the 4.7 miles. Upper body weights. Stitches came out.

Another short run. Hot weather. I did 10 x short hill (30 seconds) with under 60 secs jog down. My legs felt good. Total run time: 33 minutes. Upper body weights.

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