Saturday, June 9, 2012


This was not the mileage week that I was expecting but at least I was able to run. The change in the weather with allergies made my life miserable. I had a runny nose in every run that I did this week.

Easy short run on the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran three times the loop(10:25;10:17;9:22). Very windy. Upper body weights. Total run time: 29 minutes and 40 seconds.

I ran from home to the bike path, out and back and stopped by the local track to do a short speed session that consisted of 4 x 200 in :33 w/ 200 jog R. My legs felt good. Hot weather. Total run time: 63 minutes and 33 seconds.

Rainy day. I had a long working day. No run.

I ran after work. I was feeling tired right before my run but I was able to have a decent run. Short tempo run of 2.88 miles in 16:58(8:29; 8:29) on the bike path, out and back. I finished with a few fast strides. Total run time: 30 minutes and 17 seconds.

Easy run on the bike path, out and back. I was not feeling well, not timing my meals properly. Total run time: 32 minutes for the 4.7 miles. Upper body weights.

Back to the Oakwood Valley trail. I ran the loop four times(10:17; 9:37; 9:18; 9:12). My legs felt good. Plantar fasciitis is bothering me. Upper body weights.

Very short and easy run just to loose up my legs. I stopped to do a few pull ups. My legs were trashed.

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