Monday, May 21, 2012


What a day! Maybe it was the solar eclipse. I could certainly called it a beautiful day for a race. Well, the rest just happened to be a little odd.

5AM: Wake up call. Breakfast and ready to go.
6AM: Left my place in direction to the race location, 45 minutes drive.
7AM: After get  lost for a few minutes, I finally arrived at my destination.
730AM: Warm up, restrooms, water and some light food.
8AM: Starts the race, actually it was a little later because of the long restroom line.

I was feeling pretty good for this race. My legs were rested and I thought I would have a good day. It is a tough ten miles course with rolling hills, out and back, four miles on the pavement and on the dirty trail with a nice hill by the the turnaround. The first half is usually easier, and faster than the second half.

Mile 1:  started conservative and ran with a small group in about tenth place. 5:51 pace.
Mile 2: Some short hills slowed me down. I tried to stay with a the group of five runners and work together. 6:00 pace
Mile 3: I was feeling good and increased the pace. Three runners ahead of the our group, well spreaded. Our group consisted of five runners. 5:44 pace, for a 17:37 three miles.
Mile 4: My group started to spread and I see myself in fifth place. This section is where the long hills are. 6:10 pace.
Mile 5: This is where things turned out wrong. We hit an intersection with two options of going right or left. There was an arrow indicating to go right. So we followed the leader to find out that we were going in the wrong direction. To make things worse there was no turn around mark. After a few extra rolling hills we turned around and headed back to the intersection. Some runners just ran back to the start/finish. I just turned left and down hill to the turnaround mark. The only problem is that was not a turnaround mark. So all the runners were turning around in the wrong place. I ended up running a longer course than ten miles as a few other runners. I was expecting to have a good race on this course at this time, but it was a disappointment. Hard to say how far or how much time I wasted in this section.

Mile 6: After all this happened, I had to find some motivation and keep going. 5:49 pace.
Mile 7: This section with mile 6 have some nice hills. I passed two runners. 6:17 pace.
Mile 8: I slowed down. My legs were feeling a little tired. I passed another runner. 6:37.
Mile 9: Somehow my legs revived a little. It was hard to keep my motivation since the race did not have any more meaning. 6:14 pace.
Mile 10: Similar to mile 9. Almost caught another runner by the finish line. 6:13 pace.

Even that things did not turn as expected, I had a good day. My goal was to break the sixty minutes for this tough course, but it did not happend and I will never know if it could have happned. Maybe next year.

Happy or not with my run, my afternoon was a little chaotic. I went for a bike ride to just loose up my legs. When I was ridding my bike back home, I had an accident, a very odd one. I don't really know what  happened but I lost control of my bike when I was making a turn and fell off the bike, hitting hard my head on the pavement. It was a bloody mess. I also hit my elbows and knees. Lucky I did not break anything.

I walked back to  my place. My bike seem to be fine except for the breaks handle. After I checked for the damage I decided to visit the emergency room. The cut on my head was a little longer and deep. I spent two hours in the emergency room and got five stiches. Better wear  helmet next time.


A13 said...

Hope you are OK..I know it was a while ago now..
but i've only looked at your blog today :) i had a break from the blogs for a while and my PC crashed..I lost all of my blogging stuff and email addresses.Take care and good to hear you are OK now (((hug)))
Cheers A13

Honk Bonk Man said...

Thanks A13! I tought something happened to you. Have not heard from you for a long time. Glad that you are back.

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