Friday, May 4, 2012


My plan was to increase my mileage for this week but I had to take a couple days off. Last week I did a  hard run that consisted of ten times up a long set of steps that caused my right calf to become very sore. So I had to take a day off on Saturday. By Sunday I was feeling  better and I was able to go a little further in my daily run. On Monday my legs seemed to be recovered. I added some rolling hills and no signs of injuries. My short easy tempo run of four miles on Tuesday felt awful. So on Wednesday I decided to take another day off. The weather was changing and a windy rainy day was on the forecast for the next day. On Thursday I did my regular route from home to the bike path and back under a light rain. And on Friday after a rainy day I felt terrible during my run. It might have something to do with all the grasses that are blooming at this time of the year.

Day off. Upper body weights. I am dealing with a few injuries: plantar fasciitis and tight calf.

Good run from home to the Ten Valley and back. I ran half way of the bike path route. It was a warm day and I threw in a 3/4 mile in 3:43. I felt good. Total run time: 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Easy on the Overhill trail. Three times out and back with some rolling hills. My legs felt really good. Total run time: 56 minutes and 46 seconds.

Back to the bike path. I ran 4.09 miles at 6:06 pace. The rest was at an easy pace including the section back home. I was having a hard time with the allergies, and congestion all day. Total run time: 49 minutes and 37 seconds.

Day off. Upper body weights. I felt awful all day.

I ran under light rain from home to the bike path and back. The first ten minutes were uphill. My legs felt OK. Total run time: 56 minute and 37 seconds.

Easy short run on the Overhill trail. I felt awful. Total run time: 30 minutes with ten strides.

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