Saturday, May 19, 2012


Saturday - 5/12/12
Easy run on the bike path. I am feeling light and fast. Hope to stay like this until the end of the week. Short bike ride. Total run time: 30 minutes and 42 seconds.

It was not the run I was expecting. The weather changed again from sunny and  hot to windy and cool. My runny nose is getting worse. I was planning to run at least ten miles this afternoon but I did not feel good all day with nasal congestion and allergies. My pace was a little too fast. I ran the usual bike path route out and back and added a few minutes around the soccer fields and condos. Total run time: 47 minutes.

Long working day. Off.

Easy run after work on the bike path. I added three loops around the soccer field. Plantar fasciitis is showing up, mainly due to my work. I did not time this run. It was around six miles.

Another hard day at work. I ran three times the Oakwood Valley loop plus a few minutes on the road. I was feeling tired and the pollen and grasses were causing a runny nose. Total run time: 36 minutes.

Back to the Rush Creek area. I ran the cemetery loop. My legs were feeling tired. Hope to recover for the weekend race. Total run time: 26 minutes with strides.

Another very short day. I have been feeling a little tired so I decided to back off and just do a very short jog. My plantar fasciitis is very painful. Total run time: 20  minutes.

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