Saturday, April 14, 2012



Easy run from home to the bike path, out and back, adding half way to the bike shop and back home. I ran a little too hard. I was feeling tired and it was windy. I should have taken another easy day. Total run time: 1 hour, 14 minutes and 9 seconds, or approx. 11 miles.

From home to the bike path and back. I stopped by the track and did 3 x 800 in 2:30(2:30; 2:29; 2:32) w/ 800R. It was not a good idea. My right quad was tight and I was feeling very tired after work. Very windy day. My last rep felt terrible. Total run time: approx. 57 minutes.

Easy run. My legs were very tight, especially my quads. I will need some extra rest to recover.Total run time: 40 minutes.

Very tired. Off.

Another easy run on the track, lane 8. Over four miles. I am feeling better. Total run time: 29 minutes and 19 seconds.

Easy run on the bike path. Nasal congestion. The plantar fasciitis seems to be getting better. Total run time: 28 minutes and 49 seconds.

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