Saturday, April 28, 2012


The last two weeks have been a little difficult. The constant change in the weather has caused some problems with my training, mainly the allergies and nasal congestion. This past week was not so bad. I had a good race even that I had a few issues with the allergies and lack of endurance. I am trying to move forward for my next race in four weeks. Hope to have a better race than last year.

25 minutes w/ strides

Race day: 5 miles in 29:06(5:33; 5:41; 5:33; 5:49; 6:09?) for second place overall. Very hot day. My last mile was very slow. I started to fall apart by the fourth mile. My legs felt heavy. We ran along the marsh. Lots grasses and flowers. That means pollen and nasal congestion. My nose was running like crazy.

51 minutes, easy pace.

31 minutes and 24 seconds w/ 2 sets of 3-2-1 minutes.

48 minutes w/ 10 x 90+ secs set of steps.

27 minutes and 33 seconds w/ strides.

 26 minutes and 21 seconds.

All these easy short runs are good to keep me alive for now. But my lack of endurance will eventually affect my race times, especially in the half marathon. I need to get back to do at least sixty miles per week.

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