Friday, April 20, 2012


Things are not going well lately. The allergy season is back with some windy days. Usually I do my runs in the afternoon but I will have to change to mornings. It means that I will be running less mileage and just trying to survive until things get better. Hard to run when  you feel tired and with dead legs all the time.

Saturday 4/14/12
Off. Very tired.

Easy short run. From home to the bike path, out and back and back home. I felt better but the allergies and nasal congestion are really bad this year. I was having a hard time to breath with a running nose. Terrible feeling. Total run time: 50 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another short easy run. The plantar fasciitis on my left foot is very painful. I was able to do the usual bike path course, out and back. My legs were feeling better. Total run time: 32 minutes.

Very windy day. I just did a run on the bike path mixing a few pick ups and easy pace. After this run I was feeling quite wiped out. The running nose was constant during this run. Total run time: 45 minutes and 30 seconds.

Very short easy run on the Overhill trail. I decided to back off completely. My plantar fasciitis was bothering yesterday. I had plantar fasciitis only on my left foot but it is trying to show up on my right foot. I will have to stay away of the pavement for awhile until I feel better. Total run time: 24 minutes with a few easy strides.

I stopped by my local track and did a short speed session. It consisted of 2 x 3/4 mile in 4:00 w/ 400 R. (3:58; 3:59) I was planning in doing three reps but the track was being used by another group of runners. Total run time: approx. 30 minutes.

Day off.

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