Saturday, March 3, 2012


Saturday 2/25/12
I have been feeling very tired during the entire week. Two days off were not enough to recover my dead legs. I decided to back off on my long run. My run was easy and short but I added a long climb on El Camino rd. plus the bike path out and back course. Total run time: 1 hour, 18 minutes and 24 seconds.

This morning I rode my bike down to the local track. I was planning to do a four to six miles tempo run if I had recovered. But it was cold with a big frost. The cold air caused me some heavy nasal congestion. I ran two miles at 5:45 pace and just ran another four miles at an easy pace, for a total of over six miles.

Somehow I felt better this afternoon. I ran from home to the bike path and ran twice from the half way to the bike shop and back. I did 5 x 200m with easy jog in 200m in between the reps. My legs are finally recovering. But plantar fasciitis is back due to the hills, running too much on the pavement and lifting weights. Well, I will have to get it under control. Total run time: 1 hour, 10 minutes and 23 seconds, or over 9.5 miles. Short bike ride.

I did another easy run. I ran half way on the bike path to the bike shop and back,d then I headed to the Oakwood Valley trail loop, ran it once and up to the Ten parking lot, turned around and finished by the laundry mat. Total run time: one hour.

I started by running twice the Oakwood Valley trail loop as a warm up. Then I ran 12 x 45 seconds hill, jogging downhill part in between each rep. My legs felt good. I finished by running the OWV trail loop again.  Short bike ride. Total run time: approx. 48 minutes.

Day off.

Easy run on the bike path. The usual 6.1 miles route. I was planning to do another speed session but my legs were feeling tired.  Total run time: 43 minutes.

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