Saturday, March 17, 2012



Off. Long working day.

Off. Heavy rain with lots wind.

Easy run under heavy rain. We should be getting a very wet week with winds up to 40 mph. This morning I ran from home to the bike path and back, adding a loop around the soccer fields. After two days off I felt heavy and sluggish. Hope to feel better by the end of the week.

The usual bike path out and back route. I got a break from the rain. For the last three days we are getting lots rain and wind. Total run time: 31 minutes and 52 seconds.

I ran from home to bike path and back. The rain was non stop. It was my best run this week. My legs were feeling rested and light. Total run time: approx. 40 minutes.

Another short easy run from home to the bike path and back. I did a few strides to loose my legs. No rain. There is a possibility that tomorrow might rain early morning. Well, let's wait and see. Total run time: approx. 30 minutes.

Race day.

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