Monday, March 19, 2012


After all the rain that we had in the last few days I was expecting another rainy day. But the weather wasn't so bad. It was windy and cold, but no signs of rain.

By 8AM I started my warm up. Hard to get started with such cold weather. My hands were freezing. Eventually I got rid of all the my extra clothes. I did a quick jog before the start, staying away from the hills or the first mile of course. No need to pump up my legs right before the race.

We started by 8:30AM our 12K or 7.45 miles race. The first mile was down hill. I tried to stay relaxed and not go too fast. The wind was blowing hard in some parts of the course. After the downhill, the course became flat for approximately half mile. Then there was a nice climb up  to the bridge where I started to pass a few struggling runners. My legs felt good going uphill.

After the long climb there was a long flat section across the bridge. I was running by myself with a small group of runners ahead. The wind was blowing hard on the bridge. I tried to stay focus on the race and kept moving with a relaxed pace. So far no runners had passed me. I was able to pass a runner  that seemed to have started a little too fast.

As we left the bridge, the long down hill section started. It was not very steep. But I was concerned about going too fast downhill and killing my quads. So I took easy on this section. When I was almost by the bottom of this section I heard a runner coming down right behind me. He passed me and I just tried to keep a distance from him.

The flat section started with the wind blasting at our faces. Well, we were running along the bay. I heard the waves splashing against the rock walls. This was a difficult section because we had to go left to a certain point and then turn around facing the opposite direction until the finish line. I was a few feet from the runner that passed me on the downhill. Eventually I caught him. He could not answer and I took off on my own again. I passed mile five in 29:15.

By mile six I was running by myself feeling strong and confident. Another runner was dropped from the group ahead. I passed him and kept my eyes at group of three runners ahead. I hit mile six in 34:58.

I was feeling quite good and able to reduce the distance to the runners ahead. One of the runners was dropped and I did not have any problems to pass him. Now I was closing the gap to the other two runners. I passed mile 7 in 40:41. The last two miles I ran even splits of 5:42 per mile.

Four hundred meters before the finish line there is a little hill of approximately two hundred meters. I was able to catch the two runners ahead, right at bottom of the hill. We started to climb the little hill together. Then I saw a chance to drop them.The wind was blowing really hard going up this hill. I just put on a hard effort uphill and sprinted the downhill and flat section . I passed the finish line in 43:21, good for 46th place. My best result in this course. I ended up fifth in my age division. Overall it was a good day. I think I could break the 43 minutes if I had pushed a little harder.

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