Friday, February 17, 2012


This week I will reintroduce the hills to my training. I have not done any serious hilly courses this year. If the injuries don't show up I will be fine.

Back to the hills. Short hilly course, loop from Oakwood Valley trail up to Alta, down Marincello, back to Oakwood Valley trail. My legs felt good. Total run time: 37 minutes.

From home to the bike path, out and back, plus a loop around the soccer fields, and half way to the bike shop and back. Back home by the Starbucks route. Total run time: 1 hour, and 27 minutes, or over 12 miles.

Easy and short run on the bike path. Tired. Total run time: 32 minutes or 4.7 miles.

I rode my bike to the bike path. Plantar fasciitis is showing up again but it was not an issue during my run. I started with a short tempo of over 2.88 miles in 16:57. Then I just eased up the pace and ran over five miles. Total run time: 55 minutes and 17 seconds.

Easy run on the bike path. I have been feeling very tired. Total run time: 43 minutes and 30 seconds, or over 6.1 miles.

I did some leg speed: 10 x 100+ meters with full recovery, exaggerating the knee lifting, arm movement, running tall. The warm up was 3 miles as the cool down. I felt surprisingly good. Short bike ride.

I rode my bike to the Oakwood Valley trail this afternoon. Back to my rolling hill trail loop. It is approx. 1.3 miles. I ran it six times. It went like this: 9:48; 9:30; 9:17; 9:21; 9:24; 9:20. My legs felt good. Total run time" 56 minutes and 42 seconds.

Good week. I was able to ran a little over 50 miles. It is not the ideal mileage for this time of the year but it is better than being injured and not able to run at all.

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