Sunday, January 22, 2012


This morning I got up at 5:20 AM by the sound of my alarm clock.  I prepared some breakfast and made  coffee. The weather forecast was rain. I was hoping that the rain would come down during my race, a ten miles run along the bay.

I left home around 6:50AM. It took me only fifteen minutes to get to my destination. Lots time to sign up for the race and warm up. It was cold and windy. The ten miles race should start by 8:00AM but they had to delay the start to 8:10AM. Well, an extra ten minutes to deal with the cold and wind.

The ten miles race was out and back along the bay. They placed a crossing person in almost all the intersections but the roads were not completely closed for the traffic. This is a very touristic spot so I was expecting to run into some traffic, maybe the way back.

The race started at 8:10AM. I had a couple lines of people in front of me. That was not something that I was expecting right at the start. So I had to make a quick move to get around and sit behind the leading group that consisted of fours runners.  I was keeping a distance of about 30 meters behind the leading group. The wind was making my life miserable but I was managing to not let the main group to open a too big of a gap.

By the three miles mark, things started to shake up a bit. One of the runners ahead of me was dropped. He could not hold the pace. His problem: going out too fast. So the leading group now had only three runners.

It did not take very long for this tall guy to slow down and be dropped. He tried to stay with me. Well, he lasted for a couple minutes and just vanished behind me. So now the leading group had only two runners left.

By mile four, another runner is dropped. He stayed with me for a few minutes and I could  hear him breathing heavily behind me. The leader runner was increasing his gap and I let him go. The gap between him and I was around 50 meters.

I passed the mile five or turnaround in a slug pace of 29:20 with the leader about 50 meters in front of me. That gap increased drastically after the turnaround. It became 200 meters or so. The wind was gone and my legs were feeling better.

On the way back I was running by myself as I was mostly of the race. That is when all the traffic started. Tourists were coming out of buses and hotels. I was switching from the road to the sidewalk trying to find the best place to run without any interference.  To make things worse the rain was starting.

I started to struggle a little around mile 8. My legs were starting to feel the race. I had no idea what my pace was. I was not looking at my watch and there were no mile marks.  This is the time when I was passed by a high school kid. He was running well and just took off. That was a hard moment but I tried to regroup and stay focus. I crossed the finish line in third  place, in 58:12. The kid that passed me was the winner running under 57 minutes. I was first in my age group. First race of the season went well. No complains. Cold, rainy and windy weather. It was the perfect day for a ten mile run. 

Now if I could find a way to fix this blank screen problem that I am having with my blog, it would be great. Also I am having problems to save and edit my posts.

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A13 said...

well done HBM...
congratulations on first place :)
Cheers A13

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