Friday, January 27, 2012


Week Nine - Crash training -1/21/12

By now people might be wondering what happened to my crash training. Well, work and other life priorities got in the way as usual. I will keep calling Crash Training to  these weekly update, even that I am not going to have any big mileage done in the next couple weeks.

This morning I did a run from home to the bike path and back. Very windy coming back from the bike path, but no rain. My legs were feeling crappy. It always happens when you have a couple days off.

Race day. Ten miles in 58:12. Short bike ride in the afternoon.

Easy run on the bike path. The usual out and back plus one loop around the soccer fields. I ran after a short bike ride.

Same as Monday. Tight left ITB. Too much cycling. My legs are feeling surprisingly good. Total run time: 40 minutes and 36 seconds.

Same as Tuesday. I felt a little better, not so tight. I rode my bike as I have been doing since last Sunday. The pace was surprisingly fast. I did not want to run this fast. The increased pace is feeling easier. Total run time: 39 minutes and 58 seconds.

Same as Wednesday. I was feeling pretty good since I raced on Sunday. No sign of DOMS. But today I started to feel tired, even that my legs are not tight anymore. I decided to do a little tempo, or almost tempo since I was not expecting to feel this tired. I ran the same route as I have been running the entire week but a couples minutes faster than the usual. Total run time: 38 minutes and 6 seconds. No bike ride.

The tired legs persisted for the most of the day. It seems like I got a light cold and nasal congestion.  I was not feeling like running but I decided to do a short run. Twice from the half way on bike path out and back. My quads were feeling tight but somehow I was running way too fast. It did not feel that I was going fast at all. One of these weird days when things just happens to be that way. Total run time: 44 minutes and 15 seconds.

Crash Training - Week Ten - 1/27/12

Day off. Short bike ride.

Easy run. I ran on the bike path out and back, added a loop around the soccer fields, and ran half way and back on the bike path, finishing by the shopping center. I have been feeling tired for the last few days. So no bike ride. Total run time: 63 minutes and 33 seconds, or around 9.5 miles.

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