Saturday, November 12, 2011

The UN - Occult Agenda

Walter Veith does not mention that the majority of these people pushing the UN agenda are all Jews. If you watch this video it seems like the Roman Catholics are running the world. That is not the case. And then we have the Jesuits behind every thing bad that happens in this world. Well, maybe the Jesuits are not Catholics after all, but Jews. Walter Veith reminds of a Khazar Jew spreading disinformation. The  called non-profit  organization  Amazing Discoveries website seems to be very well produced. I just wonder who is behind all this disinformation. If you google the names of the UN members, past and present, you will find out that they are mostly Jews, if not all Jews.


“The Old ‘Un’ is a dialect used to indicate the Devil…Yet the Old Religion, with it’s roots in Nature, still lived on the hearts and minds of the people. This way of referring to the Devil as ‘The Old’ ‘Un’ is an instance of this…
Doreen Valiente, An ABC Of Witchcraft Past & Present, 1973, New York: St. Martin’s Press, p.229

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