Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hard to get out of the door this afternoon. The rain is back as the cold weather. I had to dress properly for this afternoon run. That means long sleeves and a cap to keep my head and ears warm. My first ten minutes were miserable: tightmuscles. Eventually when I started running on the bike path, things got better. The only thing that did not stop, it was the rain.

My left quad is showing some signs of injury. The hilly race last weekend caused my quads to become very sore. Something get to give somewhere. It is sore/painful right where the quad muscles meet the top of the knee. It is very painful going down steps or hills. But I can still run on the flat without any problems. I am cutting back on my mileage until I feel better. I will be doing only short easy runs on the flat.

Bike path: 32 minutes and 12 seconds at 6:45 pace.

Day off.

Bike path: approx. 35 minutes.

Day Off.  I lifted weights for the upper body.

Bike path: 41 minutes and 45 seconds at 6:32 pace.

From home to the bike path, out and back home: 49 minutes.

From home to the Ten parking lot and back: 70 minutes or over 10 miles.

I am very disturbed by the amount of bagels in the area where I live. Sometimes I have to express myself with a loud 'Gevalt!' (ge - VOLLT!) But where is God to help me. Gee, this town is becoming a little wonderbagel land. I have no idea why they leave Jew York and Jew Jersey for the other side of the States. These bagels are all 'paskudnyaks'. 

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