Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For the next four weeks I will be doing some crash training. My mileage at his time is not very high. I am doing no more than 45 to 60 miles per week. My goal is to double that amount for the next week. Assuming that I am doing 45 miles per week at moment, my first week will be in the 90-100 miles range. The plan goes like this:

Week I: 12(Mon) - 15(Tue) - 10(Wed) - 15(Thu) - 12(Fri) -15 to 20(Sat) - 12(Sun)   = 90 to 100 miles

Week II: 5(Mon) - Off(Tue) - 5(Wed)  - 5 to 8(Thu) - Off(Fri) -10 to 15(Sat) - 5(Sun) = 25 to 30 miles

Week III: 10(Mon) - 10 to 12(Tue) - 10(Wed)  - 10 to 12(Thu) - 10(Fri) - 12 to 18(Sat) - 10(Sun)  = 75 to 80 miles

Week IV: 5(Mon) - 8 to 10(Tue) - 5(Wed)  - 8 to 10(Thu) - 5 or Off(Fri) - 10 to 15(Sat) - 5(Sun)  = 50 to 60 miles

My goal race is on January 15th, 2012. It is a 8k cross country race. The Eight Rules of Crash Training:

  1. Crash training can boost oxygen uptake (V02max) by as much as 7 per cent a time. To get the same boost from normal training may take as long as 6-12 weeks.
  2. Never crash train for more than seven days at a time.
  3. Before and during crash training the carbohydrate intake should be as high as 800g a day. This can be achieved by topping up the normal intake of daily carbohydrates with a liquid carbo-loader, about 200g a day. If this is not to one's liking, rice (22.2g/oz), flour-based foods, vegetables and fruit (especially raisins, dates and currants) should be added to the normal diet. It is also recommended that a carbohydrate snack with a small amount of protein be taken within 30 minutes of ceasing training and every 30 minutes thereafter for the next two hours.
  4. The anti-stress vitamins B and C should be doubled before and during crash training. Due to excessive sweat loss, potassium levels must be maintained by drinking pure orange juice with all meals.
  5. A clear pattern as to the regular use of crash training should be evolved: a. A seven-day crash session of more than once a month; b. A four-day crash session not more than once every three weeks; c. A two-day or three-day crash programme not more than once a fortnight.
  6. Athletes with a history of injury and/or illness should not be considered for crash training.
  7. Never give crash training to an athlete unless it is fully explained and full cooperation is assured.
  8. It is must be stressed that for every day of crash training an equal number of recovery days MUST follow.
Source: Peak Performance

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