Sunday, November 20, 2011


Day off. I had to work until late. My quads are quite tight.

Day off. Another long working day.

I rode my bike to the local track. From there I started my run. After five minutes or so I stopped and did some drills that took me about eight minutes. Then I ran the bike path out and back once plus another 16 minutes to finish by the track. My legs are feeling OK after two days off. Total run time: 53 minutes and 37 seconds.

Easy short run on the bike path. My legs are feeling better. Cold weather. My left ITB is a little tight shooting down to my knee. Total run time: 35 minutes.

Day off. I did a short bike ride.

Easy very short run followed by a few drills. Short bike ride.

No XC championship race. I did a short bike ride this morning. This afternoon I ran from home to bike path out and back, and back home. It was a rainy day. Total run time: 53 minutes and 35 seconds.

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