Wednesday, October 26, 2011


DOMS(Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is making my legs feel really sore. On Sunday my legs were feeling OK. I felt quite tired and sore during my daily run but I could walk normally without any difficulty up and down any steps and inclines. I did not have any problems to ride my bike for a short distance.

I look like a lost 10lbs during this race.

By Monday I started to feel very sore all over my quadriceps and calves. Going up and down any steps was extremely painful. I could barely walk without feeling any pain or soreness. So no run for me. I did a short bike ride. Riding my bike was not as painful as trying to run. Since my upper body was not affected by the last race, I was able to do my upper body weight session, no more than one set of each exercise. It was very painful trying to work on my knees during the day.

On Tuesday I was feeling as sore as yesterday. Running was not in my plans. I stayed off the bike and had a complete day off. Well, almost. I had to do my daily labor work.

I like to always  figure out what went wrong with my performance. My impression is that by standing on a ladder  resting against a wall for a long period of time, could have been the source of my soreness and tiredness. The ladder has a very narrow area to rest your feet. My body was leaning forward from my feet  up to my lower back. My upper body was off alignment with the lower body. I was leaning back with my upper body. My calves were over stretched and my feet soles were off balance. It sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster.

On Wednesday after a hard working day I was able to do a short run. My legs are still recovering. I rode my bike down to the bike path. As I started my run I felt my quads very tight. My left foot was bothering me for some reason. I ran the bike path route out and back and headed back home. Total run time: 33 minutes.

Thursday should be a long day run. But this Thursday I decided to back off and just do another easy run. I ran the bike path route, starting very easy and after 15 minutes I increased the pace for 12 minutes and then back to easy pace. My legs are getting back to normal. The soreness and tightness is going away. Total run time: 40 minutes and 29 seconds.

On Friday I ran after work. It was dark in the bike path, but the weather was cool with a nice coastal breeze. My legs are almost recovered. During work I was feeling the inside of my left quad near to my knee area. When I was riding my bike in direction to the bike path, the pain showed up again. It did not bother me during my run but I iced the sore area before and after my run. I was feeling light and fast during my short run. Total run time: 32 minutes and 22 seconds.
This afternoon during my work I had a little accident when  a chisel bounced back a wood beam and hit me on the head. It was a small cut but it became a blood mess very quick. Very painful. I was luck enough that it did not hit me on the eye.

This Saturday I had to work until late. So it was another short daily run in the dark. I am getting used to running in the dark. Somehow I have no problems seeing at night and I ran off the pavement on the bike path. The surface is softer and the risk of injuries is reduced. I did not time this run but it is a little over 30 minutes, almost a tempo run. I need to watch my left quad/knee. It is sore, specially when I ride my bike. Definitely it is related to my last race.

On Sunday I did a couple short bike rides that just aggravated my left quad injury. From now on I am staying off the bike until I get this injury under control. I did a short run on the bike path and stopped to do a few pull ups. No long run this week. Total run time: 35 minutes approximately.


A13 said...

Hey!! gues what , with all the stress happening for the past 6 weeks or so i've lost nearly 30 pounds (10-15 kg), by small change of diet etc, it seems my metabalism got a kick start by the stress and it just started dropping off!!
This is the upside to stress :)
and i feel soooo much better, lighter, more flexability and energy.
The bod is nearly back to pre baby shape.
Cheers A13

Honk Bonk Man said...

WOW. Time to have another baby!

A13 said...

NO WAY!!!!
at 41 that was a feat! and it's taken nearly 2 years to get back to "normal" shit stirrer you ;)

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