Sunday, October 9, 2011


This week it will be all about intensity. I have done enough long runs and my aerobic base is good enough. I will start with  few repetitions, and gradually increase the numbers and the intensity. If I feel like I am going to get injured, I will back off. When some of these six minutes pace runs become easy then I am ready to go.

Monday - Easy
Easy run on the bike path. First rain of the fall season. Nice to feel the mud sticking to my shoes again. I rode my bike to the bike path and back home. Total run time: 33 minutes and 18 seconds.

Tuesday - Short repetitions
This morning I rode my bike to the local track. I used my bike ride as my warm up. Before I started my speed session I did a few stretches and drills. The plan was to run 1 x 800 meters in 2:40, 200 meters jog/rest, 1x 200 in :38, 400 meters jog/rest. Repeat the set five times. It worked like this: 2:38; 200 jog; :38;  400 jog; 2:37; 200 jog; :38;  400 jog; 2:33; 200 jog; :38; 400 jog;  2:35; 200 jog;  :37;  400 jog; 2:36; 200 jog :37. I finished with a couple easy miles as my cool down. Total run time: 47 minutes and 7 seconds.

Wednesday - Easy
This morning after the rain I did a little recovery run. I went back to run on the China Camp area. It brings me some nice memories of a few good races that I had a couple years ago in this area. I ran just enough to loose up my legs. Very damp grounds. Total run time: 31 minutes and 37 seconds.
This afternoon I started a new weight lifting routine. It consists of 15 exercises to strength the muscles most required for running. I will be feeling sore tomorrow but I will definitely see some results in a few weeks.

Thursday - Fartlek
This afternoon after a heavy rain, the sun showed up. The weather was perfect for a run. It is getting dark by 6:30PM. I started my run around 6:20PM. I started with a easy jog as my warm up that lasted for 20 minutes. I planned to do a fartlek with three times the mile under six minutes with two minutes easy in between. So after my warm up I increased the pace and run the first mile in 5:45 followed by an easy two minutes. The second mile was in 5:30. My legs were feeling good after the weight exercises yesterday. I jogged for two minutes and then I ran the third mile in 5:28. I finished with an easy 11 minutes cool down in the complete darkness. It was a good fartlek that turned out a little fast than I expected. Total run time: 52 minutes and 40 seconds.

Friday - Easy
Short recovery run. Right before my run I did my upper body weight session. I thought I would be feeling tight and bulk during my run but I felt loose and comfortable. Total run time: 33 minutes and 5 seconds on the bike path.

Saturday - Tempo or TT
I had to run later in the afternoon because I worked during most of the morning hours and early afternoon. I was planning to do a tempo if I felt good, otherwise I would just have another easy day.  My legs were feeling good so I decided to try a tempo or maybe a time trial. I started as usual by the middle way in the bike path. I ran right to the its end in 8:29, turned around and ran back, passing by the middle point in 8:18. I ran all the way to the other end in 5:14, turned around and finished by the middle way point in 5:17. It was a personal best in this course, 27:19, 5:48 per mile pace. By GoogleEarth measurements  this course measures 4.7 miles. I believe it is a little longer than that. I started feeling the run in the last mile. I had to dig deep to finish strong. From the bike path I ran back home. Total run time: 38 minutes and 54 seconds.

Sunday - Long run
Well, it was an almost long run. I don't call a 90 minutes run a long run. Sunny day! Gorgeous day for a run. I left home a little late in the morning, 10:30AM. I headed down to the bike path, staying on it for a few minutes before exiting and running on direction to the Oakwood valley trail. I ran the Oakwood loop and headed up to the Ten parking lot. Then I turned around, headed back down, ran the Oakwood loop in the reverse and back to the bike path. At this time I ran right on the bike path to the usual turn around mark by the bike shop. Lots people out there: runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists, dogs, etc. Very crowded day. On my way back on the bike path, right before the freeway overpass, I decided to increase the pace for a mile. Just to see how tired my legs were. For my surprise when I looked at my watch after passing the mile mark, I ran a 5:38 mile after one hour and 18 minutes into my run. So I am getting back in shape again. I added a few more minutes on the bike path and headed back home in the reverse route. Total run time: 1 hour, 30 minutes and 2 seconds.

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