Saturday, October 15, 2011


After a good week of speed sessions I am feeling confident about my performance for my next race. The weather is becoming a little cool and the rain is definitely back.

On Monday I started another running week with a short easy run of 34 minutes and 9 seconds. My legs were a little tired. It was a rainy day for most of the morning and early afternoon. Around 4:40PM I rode my bike down to the local track. From there I started my run on the bike path. I saw only a couple people out there. Lots water and mud along the path. I was not concerned about running fast or an even pace, but just do some aerobic work.
As I mentioned before in another post, I started doing my weight lifting routine last Wednesday. This evening I did another session for my lower body and legs consisting of seven exercises, two sets of each exercise using the same weights.

On Tuesday after a long working day, I ran from home to the bike path. I was feeling OK but my legs were a little tired from yesterday's weight exercises. So I decided to have another easy day. I just ran the bike path route out and back, and after around 25 minutes I did a short fartlek for one mile. I would run 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds easy, covering the entire mile distance in 5:45. The total run time was 53 minutes.

On Wednesday I did my weight session a couple hours before my daily run. It consisted of seven exercises triggering the upper body.
I rode my bike down to the local track where I started my run. The usual bike path out and back route. My legs felt better than the last two days. Another easy run for recovery. Total run time: 33 minutes and 8 seconds.

On Thursday I usually run longer. But this afternoon was very hot. I decided to back off. My legs were feeling quite tired after work. I ran the bike path out and back. Then I ran five times this short steep hill and added a few more minutes around the soccer fields before heading back to the track. As I did yesterday I rode my bike to the local track from where I started my daily run. Total run time: 45 minutes.

On Friday I did a short run on the bike path. The usual out and back route. My knees were sore due to my work. So I decided to take easy. The weather was very warm. After 30 minutes I stopped to do a few pull ups. I rode my bike to bike path and back home. I cut back on my weight session for the lower body and legs. Total run time: 35 minutes

On Saturday I ran the same route as yesterday. My legs felt a little more alive. Another short easy run to revive my legs. Total run time: 34 minutes.

On Sunday I usually do my long run. But since I am planning to race next weekend, I ran for only one hour, mostly easy and relaxed. One hour before my run, I did my upper body weights session. On Friday I decided to back off in doing my lower body and legs weight session because I was feeling tired and my knees were aching. After 20 minutes into my run I increased the pace for two miles(actually 1.80 miles) that I ran in 10:25. Total run time: 1 hour, 1 minute and 31 seconds.

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