Saturday, September 24, 2011


After a high mileage week my race day did not go well. The weather was quite hot during the past week. I had to back off on my training to recover my legs and avoid injuries.

Day off.

Easy run. Very hot day. I ran from home to the bike path and back. My legs are feeling a little tired. Total run time: 59:42

Easy short run on the bike path out and back plus a few minutes around the soccer fields. Hot weather. Total run time: 42:51

Day off.

Easy run around the soccer fields. I did a few strides on the grass. Plantar fasciitis is back. I have been running too much on the hard surfaces. Total run time: 30 minutes and 16 seconds.

Well, I decided to race this morning. After one hour drive to my race destination, I was feeling a little tired. The one hundred plus miles week killed my leg speed. Even that I took two days off I was not feeling fresh. My warm up was on a paved section of the bike path. I thought it would be a better idea than run the entire course with all hills on the warm weather. After my warm up we lined up for the start. We took off around 9:45AM. If I tried to run in the front group at this time. I knew that two things could happen: I would be able to attack the hills and try to survive for the last mile hoping that I would have some leg turnover for the last 200 meters to the finish line. Or I would blow it and end up dead last or in the back of the group. I started hard in the front pack. After about 600 meters there was a long incline. It was not very steep and I was able to hang in the front pack in about 6th place. We passed the first mile in 5:53. The next mile was rolling hills with some short inclines followed by some sharp downhills. I did not have any  problems going uphill. I was passing runners going uphill but being dropped on the downhill. My second mile was in 5:53. The weather was making my life a little uncomfortable. The temperature went up and my third mile where I should be flying, I was having a hard time to keep up the pace. I was expecting to have some leg left to sprint in the last four hundred meters, but my legs were dead. I was passed by three runners in the straight way to the finish line. The last 1.1 miles I ran in 6:32. It was an odd even pace. My unofficial time was 18:15, about 20 seconds slower than two years ago. It was good for 12th place.

Somehow I found enough energy to do an almost long run. The rain was back and the weather was cool. It was a perfect day for a little run. I rode my bike to the local track where I started my run. My legs were very sore. Plantar fasciitis and tight hamstrings were bothering me. But I felt like doing a run to loose up my legs and keep my aerobic base. I ran to the Oakwood Valley Trail and did the loop, heading up to the Ten parking lot and from there to the beach. I turned around by the beach and ran back the same way increasing the pace. Very sore quads. In the way back I ran the Oakwood Valley trail one more time and headed to the bike path. I ran right on the bike path to its end, turned around and ran back to the start.  I did not time this run but I believe it was close to 90 minutes, or over 12.5 miles.

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