Sunday, August 7, 2011


Day off.

Easy run on the bike and the Oakwood Valley trail loop once. My legs are recovering. Total run time: 40 minutes and 48 seconds. Short bike ride.

The usual bike path out and back plus a few minutes around the soccer fields. Good easy run. I finished with some pick ups. Total run time: 39 minutes and 30 seconds.  Short bike ride.

Hilly route. I left home around 4PM following the short steep downhill right out of my front door. After about 6 minutes I started the long steep climb, mainly used by cyclists. It is a long steep paved hill. When I reached the top I made a left turn going up the Overhill St, or I should call "the Overkill Hill".  It took me 16:11 to reach the MV trail gate. I ran the MV trail out and back. Very flat and short. Then I headed back home taking a slightly different route. Total run time: 52 minutes and 9 seconds.

Easy run at a good pace. I created a loop around the soccer fields. Ran twice the loop. My legs felt really good. My right hamstring did not bother me. Rode my bike from home to the bike path. Did some pull ups after the run. Total run time: 32 minutes and 30 seconds.

Day off. Tired. I lifted weights for the upper body: arms, chest and back.

This morning I left home around 7:30AM on my bike. I was planning to do a 90 minutes run. The weather was surprisingly cool for this time of the year. Lots fog and no sun. I waited until around 8:30AM to start my run from my local track. I ran the bike path route, out and back as a warm up. Then I hit the pavement following the bike path in direction to the next town. I ran hard up the steep inclines until I reached the next town where the road became flat. I stayed on it for a few minutes until I reached this long steep hill that takes me back to my town. I took this route and after 9 minutes I was back on the other side. Since this is a very busy road, especially in the weekends with cars and cyclists, I exited it at the top by making left and going down this narrow steep trail. This trail took me by the golf course. From there I ran on the paved roads up a couple steep hills and after a few minutes I was back on the bike path. I added a couple loops around the soccer fields and ended my run by the local track. I finished with a few fast strides. Total run time: 90 minutes.

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