Sunday, August 21, 2011


This was a short week. I have been having some problems with my piriformis and hamstring. But I was able to do a couple speed sessions. I am hoping this will be enough to start my xc season. Next Saturday will be the first race of the season.

Day off.

Tempo run. I started my warm up from home to the bike path. On the bike path I ran out and back.(8:27; 8:18) It was about 1.44 miles each way. I covered the 2.88 miles distance in 16:45 under heavy wind. My legs felt really good, light and comfortable with the fast pace. I had to ran around walkers, dogs and cyclists. It is a constant change of sides trying to avoid accidents.  Total run time: 48 minutes and 14 seconds.

Easy run on the bike path. I added a few minutes to finish by the Oakwood Valley trail. My legs felt heavy and tired. I was expecting to feel like this after the Sunday's hilly run. Total run time: 43 minutes and 28 seconds.

Easy run after work. I ran from home to the bike path out and back, and back home. Good pace. Total run time: 51 minutes and 7 seconds.

Another easy run. I was feeling a little tired. My right piriformis is acting again. I ran the bike path route out and back. total run time: 32 minutes and 27 seconds.

After a short warm up I did a few speed drills of 200 meters. I was trying to run tall, high knees, push with my toes, exaggerate the arm movements. Six repetitions with 90 seconds rest in between. Very windy day. Total run time: approx. 40 minutes.

Good easy run to keep my aerobic base. I ran from my local track to the Oakwood Valley trail, ran the loop once and up to the Ten parking lot, turned around and ran again the Oakwood Valley trail. Then I added a few minutes on the bike path and finished by the local track. Total run time: 1 hour, 9 minutes and 47 seconds.


A13 said...

Hi HBM, Just popping in to say hi.
sounds like you had a good week :)
Hopefully i'll be back to blogging again soon..
not ready quite just yet.
Have a good day and i hope you do well if you are racing on the weekend.
Cheers to you.

Honk Bonk Man said...

Thanks, A13. I will be racing this weekend. Well, that is plan.

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